Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosaleen Norton... poem excerpt

Light's Black Majesty : Midnight Sun: Lord of the wild and
living stars:
Soul of Magic and master of Death;
Panther of Night... enfold me.
Take me, dark Shining One; mingle my being with you,
Prowl in my spirit with deep purrring joy
Live in me, giver of terror and ecstasy
Touch me with tongues of black fire.
Fed with the fire at the Black Opal's centre,
I drink living silver in moon-quickened streets,
And star-voices ringing:
All Strangeness is with me
Towering, invisible, changing the Earth
Hatred and heavens are blending within me: They beat in the
pulse of the stars,
For a god in my heart cries with primitive splendour


And I hear, through the seething of luminous silence-
Secretive, vibrant, the sound of the Solitude-
Calling of others like me.
Quietly they come, flitting softly a secrets; light-footed,
velvety, swift...
With eyes gleaming green, lambent flame of the Opal.
Kindred... we signal our quick recognition.
I am I ... but I know we are we
Panther of silence; god of Night; Lord of the wild inhuman
You are my own; teeming soul of solitude.
Here is no lonelines, secret Master-
You, Dark Spirit are with me.


accompanying piece for "Black Magick" below

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