Monday, January 25, 2010

may butterflies rise from yr grave every year..for Garcia Lorca...Rob Plath..poem

Louis le Brocquy - Lorca

may butterflies rise from yr grave every year..

by Rob Plath

a soldier pumped
two bullets
into yr buttocks
for being a queer

then another
into the branches
of yr lung
for being
a poet

another word
for dirty communist
to them

you were their worst enemy
w/unplugged asshole
& wide open singing
lung bags

i imagine yr
assassin bragging
about it afterwards
to his comrades

then later that night
giving his wife a good
hetero fascist fuck

his dick standing like
a middle finger
to commie faggot poets
his torso full of
fearful gears
moving w/precision
over her body

his clenched homophobic
cheeks thrusting
like a pair of iron fists
bloodless knuckles

giving it to her once
for himself
& once for the gang

the regime

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