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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thomas Wright ...bookplate... Eye of Providence 1750

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Eye of Providence from ~ An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe 1750

“Here we may observe that as the human mind in its imeterial state, has a power of creating both imaginary matter & space so as in a moment to pass from one object to another though at an indefinite distance, so the immortal soul may also with the like facility pass from our state of existence to an other neither of which powers at present appear to be subject to our known ideas of either mater time or space.”  Thomas Wright

This passage seems to be inspired by Robert Fludd’s translation of an ancient hermetic text:
“…command thy soul, what thou pleasest, and it will fly sooner than thou commandest…nothing
will hinder her (not) the wheeling about of the starry orbs, nor yet the bodies of the other stars,
but piercing all these, it passeth quite through…”