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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dolorosa De La Cruz... new drawings in upcoming issue of Anathema Pillars Journal: PILLARS .III. “The Ebon Kteis”

Three art works of mine are featured in the upcoming Anathema Pillars Journal: PILLARS .III. “The Ebon Kteis”

PRE-ORDERS for PILLARS .III. “The Ebon Kteis” are now opened!

'The Ebon Kteis' delves into the subtle beauty that lies at the threshold of Eros & Thanatos, and what has oft' been referred to as “la petite mort”: the strange connection that exists between orgasm, the loss of the senses and the ultimate release of Death; both Symbolic having a real strong bond to one another.

The subject is exploited from various angles; within witchcraft, tantrism, the necromantic arts, romanticism, et cetera (of course always leaving much interpretative power to the contributors). - Also pertaining to this Issue will be a huge emphasis on the many ways to go about the Sabbatical Rites of Soul-Flight and Congress, whether with fellow brethren or by means of Self-Initiation.

Detail of La Del SoL ~ Dolorosa , pastel on paper 2014

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My drawings in ...ABRAXAS...

I have the delightful pleasure to be included with Illustrious company in the first issue of ABRAXAS...


Abraxas is a new independent journal of historical and
contemporary occultism. Through its pages will be manifest the voices
of working occult experience and the visions of esoteric artists,
alongside keen insights of original scholarly research. Abraxas
will offer the reader a rich resource of thought-provoking essays,
vibrant art and poetic myth from some of the most inspirational
thinkers, artists, writers, designers and practitioners working in the
international occult community today. Here will be found perceptive
articles, narratives of workings, mysterious photography, obscure
magical text reprints, strange drawings and resonant lyric. Abraxas
aims to be intellectually engaging, critically rigorous and visually
inspiring. It will be a unique space where fresh insights emerge to
feed the mind, imagination and soul.

Issue One – Autumn Equinox 2009

Treadwells and Fulgur are delighted to announce the first issue of our
new esoteric journal ABRAXAS is now in press. In keeping with our
intent, writers and artists have kindly submitted material from across the
globe: Australia,the United States,Mexico,Italy and the United Kingdom
are keenly represented.

Nearly all the material is published for the first time. Here may be
found inspiring essays from luminaries within the esoteric community,
many of them written especially for the journal. Artists too are well
represented, both established masters and emerging talents: a feast for
the eyes and soul. Our poets include Allyson Shaw, Zachary Cox and,
from beyond the veil, Aleister Crowley, whose evocative verse ‘Babalon’
finally finds itself in print more than sixty years after it was
Produced in a large quarto format, with 128 pages printed on high
quality paper and richly illustrated in colour and monochrome, we hope
Abraxas will offer you a strange mirror through which may be glimpsed
the zeitgeist of the global occult community today.

text and image above from FULGUR

Friday, August 14, 2009