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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Works of Art.... Songye "Kifwebe" Mask

 African masks will not make you invisible. 
They neither hide, nor diguise, nor mask. 
The gods that founded our earthly life in Africa send masks 
to transmit energy to their children...

from Mirrors by Eduardo Galeano


The Songye tribe is located in the southeastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The most well known and highly sought after mask of the Songye tribe is known as the "Kifwebe" mask. These masks are typically associated with abstract shapes as well as beautiful textured lines and linear scarification. The lines are usually painted with alternating black and white stripes, which give an almost hallucinating effect. Kifwebe masks can be male or female, with crested comb structures identifying male masks, the higher the crest, the more powerful the mask as well as the greater the spiritual power of the dancer.