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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bocio sculptures...Benin & UK... Unknown & Charlotte Rodgers

 photo bocio_zps8723eb88.jpg

Bocio sculpture Benin

bocio; the word means "empowered (bo) cadaver (cio)" in the Fon language of Benin.

The most common and prototypical of the bacio genre, are bla-bocio whose surfaces have been bound tightly with cord, cloth, fur, chains, vines or other wrapping materials.The tieing and knotting of cords or other materials around a bocio serve to activate its power and bind other potent additive matter to the work.

The materials chosen to bind a sculpture vary; the most frequently employed are cotton thread, twisted feathers or plant parts, and strips of animal hide.
The placement of the bondage - usually on the stomach, chest arms or head - affects the meaning of the sculpture, since each body part is considered as the seat of different emotional concerns

 photo charlotte_zps08ea4235.jpg

Charlotte Rodgers 2013  ~  'I Did Not Die Easy'. A baited badger which I found wrapped in a black plastic bag, and thrown onto the side of a motorway bypass. Its life,spirit and death were acknowledged, and its cry was sealed with nettle cord knotted around the jaw.Nothing is disposable.

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