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Friday, April 12, 2019

Thomas Van Der Krogt... prints... THREE BONES SOCIETY

Dreams of Woden, on annointed beeswax support , 

Judas, oil and oil pastel

The Magician is a Holy Fool, woodcut Thomas van der Krogt

 Abiegnus, acrylic on glass

The Prayer of Christian Rosenkreutz, woodcut


Thomas van der Krogt is a visual artist, writer, esotericist, and musician hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but currently calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada his home. 

Thomas describes his art as a form of mystical expressionism. "In my art I attempt to shine a little bit of light in a world that is often cold and often seems without meaning. As an artist I travel in the imagination, whether in dream or in vision, and try to bring a some shards from the other side back to our mundane reality. Often this happens through my interaction with spirits and the encountering of other universes."

Thomas work has compared to the likes of William Blake, James Ensor and others perhaps not so much in style as in vision. 

As an artist Thomas feels at home in a variety of mediums such as printmaking, wood relief, painting, charcoal and graphite drawing and pen and ink. 

Eric K Lerner...Prints... THREE BONES SOCIETY

Prints By Eric K Lerner

Eleggua's Worlds, Variant 2, etching from At The Crossroads, published by Scarlet Imprint

Le Pendu, Silkscreen, from Three Bones Society Shop

Il Papa, silkscreen, Three Bones Society shop

The World, Ex Libris style etching, Three Bones Society shop

Our Holy Mother Loves Her Fish Children, Silkscreen on Rowlux, Three Bones Society shop

Eric K. Lerner is Three Bones Society’s proprietor and primary artist. In the mid-1990’s he began creating votive pieces for orisha employing mixed media, acrylic, and digital manipulation. Soon, he began working as a graphic designer and illustrator. His clients included the BBC, Science Magazine, IBM, Marriott Corporation and Right Hemisphere. In 1998 he was introduced to the contemporary artworld  in the QuaQuaVersal Minds Exhbition, a three man-show along with Genesis P-Orridge and Raul Canizares, exploring the role of spirituality in contemporary times, at the Clayton Gallery, NYC.  The exhibit was reviewed by the New York Times.  Lerner continued to create new works and exhibited ever since in the U.S., U.k., Europe, Russia, and Australia. By 2004, to focus on using traditional art techniques. He studied Buddhist thangka painting. By 2008, he realized that most of the works that inspired him to pursue the visual arts were old etchings, engravings and woodcuts. He began a formal education in printmaking. His mediums include etching, serigraphy, relief, and a number of avant garde techniques. His work has been featured in two collections from Scarelt Imprint’s XVI and At the Crossroads. His work has been reviewed and written about many times, most notably in Charlotte Rodger’s The Bloody Sacrifice. His 2012 release of a hand-crafted major arcana tarot, Radiant Spleen Tarot, appeared to favorable reviews and sold out. He has work included in the permanent collection of the Museo dei Tarocchi in Bologna. In 2017, he contributed 5 pieces to 1917 Tarot, commemorating the Russian Revolution, an international collaborative exhibition/publication that premiered in St. Petersburgh Russia on October 22, 2017. In 2018, the exhibition traveled to Madrid, Spain.

Lerner has more than a half-dozen book credits as author and had numerous articles and essays published.  He is an ordained priest of Obatala-Ajaguna for more than 22 years. A wide range display of his artwork in different media can be found at:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pascal Beverly Randolph... Eulis “Affectional Alchemy” book covers ... 1930

 photo RandolphPascalBeverly6_zps420fe871.jpg

 photo RandolphPascalBeverly1_zps8346193f.jpg

The book, in German "Die sexualmagischen Lehren der Bruderschaft von Eulis", was originally
published by Randolph (1825-1875) in 1874 with the founding of The Brotherhood of Eulis ("Hermetische Bruderschaft vonLuxor"), presumably to work sex-magic. Randolph also founded the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis, the oldest Rosicrucian
organization in the United States


So far well; but at last the world wants to know more of that wonderful fraternity, which, nameless at times for long centuries, blossomed a few centuries ago as Rosicrucia, but now has leaped to the fore-front of all the real reform movements of this wondefu1 age, and lo! the banner of peerless Eulis floats proudly—rock founded — on the breeze. We, the people of Eulis, be it known, are students of nature in her interior departments, and rejecting alike the coarse materialism of the ages, and the sham “philosophies” of the ages past and current, accept only that which forces conviction by its irresistible logic. Men who realize the existence of other worlds than this are not apt to give loose rein to passion; nor be content with fraud in any shape. We cannot take say-sos for facts, and therefore we reject much that appeals to others with the force of truth. We are ambitious to solve all possible mystery; we prefer one method to all other hyper-human agencies, knowing it to be infinitely preferable to all other modes of rapporting the occult and mysterious; and this book, and all others from the same pen, is but a very imperfect sketch or outline of the sublime philosophy of the Templars of EULIS. We know the enormous importance of the sexive principle; that a menstruating woman is an immense power if she but knew it! that a pregnant one holds the keys of eternal mystery in her hand, and that while thus she can make or mar any human fortune! We know the mystic act is one unhinging the gates alike, of heaven and of hell; and we know two semi-brainless people may, by an application of esoteric principles, stock the 
world with mental giants. But where shall we find students? Are not all the people, nearly, the slaves of lust, place, gold? Well, we find one now and then; and we hail him or her as the Greeks hailed the sea— with excessive joy! Thalatta! Thalatta! They are not multitudinous now, but will be in the good time coming. 

Randolph’s “Rosicrucian Apology” from the first chapter of Eulis!, “Affectional Alchemy” (1874)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Noxael 372 ... graphic works... dedication 2012

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  ©Noxael 372

humbled and  shared with great pleasure!  this work dedicated to myself by Nox! 

more at the Art of Noxael

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Patrick John Larabee...drawing & poem

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An Invokation of the Hidden Light

I call forth to the Eldritch Spirits of the Dark Abyss,
Thee who don the Masks of Earths Gods,
I am Enchanted as a Light in the Dark,
Illuminated Rays ever searching for You.

Fiery Serpent of Wisdom I call forth to You,
Mighty Angel of the Absolute,
O' Sacred King of the Witch-Blood True,
To the Land of Man Thou hast Come as the Leader of the Way,
Let Thine Blessed Radiance impregnate this Red Clay.

I look forward into the Past,
I awaken the Soul of my Ancestor Qayin,
I bring to light the Hidden Wisdom of Midnight's Gods,
O' Gates of mine own Self be open!

O' Light of the Soul,
O' Brilliance of the Spirit,
Forever Shimmering is the Light of the Peacock Angel,
Descending from the Heavens to Earth to Embrace
the Flesh of the Existent.

Wisdom and Truth of the Light I seek,
Ever to be found in the Gnosis of I,
Self-Knowledge of Mine Ever-Changing Ways,
Forever swirling about the Point,
As an Un-Earthed Treasure ever abiding in the Dark.

Sacred Fire of the Most High shine from Within,
Illuminate the Mind of the Wise with the Vision of the Eternal,
O' Secret Light cast by Witches Fire,
O' Secret Light cast by Sorcerer's Pyre,
Burn bright, grow high, forever alight in the Mind's Eye.

Patrick Larabee on Etsy

I am first and foremost a practitioner of the Traditional Witchcraft Mysteries as a Walker of the Lonley Road. My work is concerned with Arte of Magick and Sorcery. Secondly, I am an artist and writer who seeks to bring to light the Mysteries of the Darkness through Image and Word, Rite and Praxis.


Patricks Artists page on Facebook