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Friday, October 4, 2013

Teaching Dhamma by Pictures...Siamese Traditional Buddhist Manuscript ...Ven. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

from the book “Teaching Dhamma by Pictures”
Explanation of a Siamese Traditional Buddhist Manuscript
by Ven. Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Published by 
Sathirakoses-Nagaparadi Foundation & Ministry of Education, Thailand
On the occassion of the Centenary Celebration of the Bith of the Ven. Buddhadasa Bhikku

The illustrated manuscript reproduced here was, in the original, a traditional Thai 
manuscript called Samut Khoi which is a long roll of paper folded concertina-wise into 
leaves and then written on both sides. In this form, the illustration was presented first, 
followed by a few lines of explanation on a particular aspect of Dhamma such as 
Meditation and so forth. Cambodian script was used in those days for all religious work 
thought the language is Siamese. 
The pigments used were produced locally, most of them derived from native trees. 
 photo 32_Muccitukamyatanana_zps8c8777a8.jpg

 photo 26_Contemplation_on_corpses_IX-X_zps5eb5ba63.jpg

 photo 24_Contemplation_on_corpses_V-VI_zps975a9d38.jpg

 photo 16_Ocean_close_to_the_eye-unseen_zps3557c594.jpg

 photo 15_The_Wheel_of_wandering-on_zps79ee9056.jpg

 photo 14_Understanding_and_attachment_zps0a620d97.jpg

 photo 07_Dependent_Origination_zps844c8b76.jpg

 photo 05_Wisdom_Sprung_out_of_the_mud_zps1f21b46d.jpg

 photo 03_Mind_control_zps383642b6.jpg