Monday, April 9, 2018

Louis Cattiaux (1904-1953) ~ DIVINITE, Oil on Canvas, date unknown

Édouard Chimot (1880 – 1959) ~ illustration for Les Fleurs du mal, 1941

Odilon Redon (1840-1916) ~ Pilgrim of the Sublunary World from Dreams, lithograph, 1891

On the satin back of the avalanche soft, 
She falls into lingering swoons, as she dies, 
While she lifteth her eyes to white visions aloft, 

Which like efflorescence float up to the skies. 

Charles Baudelaire, Tristesses de la lune from Fleurs du Mal

Born today...Charles Pierre Baudelaire, poet, April 9, 1821, Paris, France

The Spiritual Dawn

When upon revellers the stained dawn breaks 
The fierce ideal comes with it; at that hour, 
Stirred by some terrible avenging power, 
An angel in the sated brute awakes. 
Above the stricken, suffering man there glow 
Far azure plains of unimagined bliss 
Which draw his dreaming spirit like the abyss. 
O pure, beloved Goddess, even so 
O'er the smoked wrecks of stupid scenes of shame 
Brighter and rosier thy sweet memory 
Hovers before my wide eyes hauntingly...
The Sun has dimmed and charred the candles' flame, 
And thus, my glorious all-conquering one, 
Thy shade is peer to the immortal Sun

~ Fleurs du mal / Flowers of Evil

image: Carlo Farneti (1892-1961) illustration for Les Fleurs du Mal 1935