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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Maman Brigitte ... Jessica Grote, poem & Claude Saintilius, art.

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Maman Brigitte by Claude Saintilius

~~ Our Lady of the Cemetery: Maman Brigitte ~~

The Face of Death

Ruby-red drops of blood mix with the white flour. The strong
alcohol is still burning in her throat. Passion overcomes her,a
yearning, a desperate physical hunger, spreading her legs wide
open, shivering through her body. She wants to embrace...the
Fixing her gaze on the purple candle, raising it high
above her head, she whispers... Maman... Ma mere... An irresistable
urge has her pouring the purple wax over her body
while calling out to HER...
You are walking down the long and sparely lit hallway.
Following a noise, a whisper, the distant echo of MY voice.
It is cold, you are alone and yet you know we are all around -
waiting for you.
Treading on the path of the unknown, you feel fear, my child,
I know.
Be brave, go ahead, follow MY call, open that door.
I am over here, standing below the willow on that old cemetery
Yes, it is music coming out of this crypt. Have a look, go inside,
you will see strange rites but also merry dancing and laughter.
Dance with the Dead, my child! Dance with my children!
Do not take yourself too serious!
I am the Mother of the Dead and we are everywhere. In fact
everyone is a walking Dead.
So why not laugh in the face of Death?

by Jessica Grote ~October 2010 excerpt from Atua

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jónas Sen...The Red and Black Twins...2011

© Jónas Sen 2011

"If red and black are the two aspects of the darkness in which creativity
has its roots, then perhaps, they can be understood as representing the twin
aspects of artistic genius, the passive and the active. Both are needed to create art."

"The successful invocation of the Twins is thus an opening of the gate to the dark, to the source of endless creativity that is pure magic."

Jónas Sen ~ from The Red and Black Twins in
ATUA - Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique (Fulgur 2011)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Magickal art of Shannon Esmeralda...

"Unity comprises unity that is everything is contained in everything"

from Ophidian Pathways & Heart of Blood by Shannon Esmeralda's essay in 




more at  Shannons > OCCULTRIXX

Friday, May 20, 2011

My works in ATUA...

ATUA: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique

published by Fulgur, 2011 


aiming to provide insights and inspirations to practitioners on a similar spiritual path,this anthology features essays, artwork, prose and soundscapes

My feet are deeply rooted
In the ground of the earth
And my head
Is still amongst
The Stars of the Sky
from Forever Lust by Roberto Migliussi



Cover Art Work by Peter Dyde

cover art work by Hagen von Tulien

My series of drawings "Bloodsongs" have been wonderfully reproduced in the latest publication by Fulgur alongside two other drawings that i will include in future posts >




"Man and Woman follow me
To the well of ecstasy
Deeper, deeper to the source
Far beyond the yellow North"

from a Litany of Maîtres du  Crâne/ Nightside Journey:Daemonic Image & Vamparitic Phantom

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ATUA: Voices from La Societe Voudon Gnostique... 2011

I have the delighful pleasure to have work included in the first Journal of La Societe Voudon Gnostique, edited by David Beth and Published by Fulgur Limited

© Jónas Sen

ATUA is the public vehicle through which the members of the S.V.G.make selected manifestations of their magico-gnostic research and experience available to an informed audience. This first anthology features essays, artwork, and prose and aims to provide insight and inspiration to practitioners on a similar spiritual path


from Fulgur...

Contributors include: David Beth, Craig Williams, Vadge Moore, Hagen von Tulien, Dolorosa, Jonas Sen, Jessica Grote, Roberto Migliussi, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Shannon Esmeralda, Peter Dyde, Ariock Van de Voorde, M.W. Burson, Marc’Aurelio Pozzi, Alan Kostencic and Zdravko Bozic. The material will be presented to our usual standard, and there will be a free audio CD supplement which will include material from Jonas Sen and Lightning Path.