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Friday, April 12, 2019

Thomas Van Der Krogt... prints... THREE BONES SOCIETY

Dreams of Woden, on annointed beeswax support , 

Judas, oil and oil pastel

The Magician is a Holy Fool, woodcut Thomas van der Krogt

 Abiegnus, acrylic on glass

The Prayer of Christian Rosenkreutz, woodcut


Thomas van der Krogt is a visual artist, writer, esotericist, and musician hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but currently calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada his home. 

Thomas describes his art as a form of mystical expressionism. "In my art I attempt to shine a little bit of light in a world that is often cold and often seems without meaning. As an artist I travel in the imagination, whether in dream or in vision, and try to bring a some shards from the other side back to our mundane reality. Often this happens through my interaction with spirits and the encountering of other universes."

Thomas work has compared to the likes of William Blake, James Ensor and others perhaps not so much in style as in vision. 

As an artist Thomas feels at home in a variety of mediums such as printmaking, wood relief, painting, charcoal and graphite drawing and pen and ink.