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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Friday, May 17, 2013

Book cover... illustrations by Genesis P-Orridge for Terence Sellers ... The Correct Sadist... 1983/1990

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''All the so-called terrors of solitude console me. The resonant silence of the evening's end, as the stars come into their own is a pleasure I cannot share with anyone - though some do seem sensitive enough. I often awake alone, with the echo of an uncertain sound from the house below fading in my ears . . . I leap from the bed directly and rush to meet the intruders. Perhaps once a week I have such an adventure. But no one is ever there." TS

Monday, March 4, 2013

Frans de Geetere & Arthur Rimbaud... The Stupra... 1925

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Frans de Geetere ~ illustration for The Stupra 1925

The ancient beasts...

The ancient beasts bred even on the run,
Theirs glans encrusted with blood and excrement. 
Our forfathers displayed theirs members proudly
By the fold of the sheath and the grain of the scrotum.

In the middle ages, for a female, angel or sow,
A fellow whose gear was substantial was needed;
Even a Kléber, judging by his breeches which exagerate
Perhaps a little, can't have lacked resources.

Besides, man is equal to the proudest mammal;
We are wrong to be surprised at the hugeness of their members;
But a sterile hour has struck: the gelding

And the ox have bridled their ardours, and no one
Will dare again to raise his genital pride
In the copses teeming with comical children.

Arthur Rimbaud ~ The Stupra 1925