Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wormwood Star - The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron ...

A Peyote Vision - Line drawing

The first biography of the artist, performer, poet, and occult practitioner, Cameron (Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel) is out now... was delighted to be at its launch in Treadwell's Books in London

Cameron embarked on a lifelong spiritual quest, a journey reflected in the otherworldly images she depicted,
many of them drawn from the Elemental Kingdom and astral plane, some you can see here


Published by Mandrake of Oxford

Wormwood Star written by Spencer Kansa traces the extraordinary life of the enigmatic artist 
Marjorie Cameron,
 one of the most fascinating figures to emerge from the American Underground art world and film scene.
With so much of her life and work shrouded in mystery, Wormwood Star sheds new light on this most remarkable  artist and elusive occult icon.

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