Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bookplate ... from the library of the masons lodge Zu den drei Cedern...1808


Ex Libris...Jaroslav Dobrovolský... 1931


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Patrick John Larabee...drawing & poem

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An Invokation of the Hidden Light

I call forth to the Eldritch Spirits of the Dark Abyss,
Thee who don the Masks of Earths Gods,
I am Enchanted as a Light in the Dark,
Illuminated Rays ever searching for You.

Fiery Serpent of Wisdom I call forth to You,
Mighty Angel of the Absolute,
O' Sacred King of the Witch-Blood True,
To the Land of Man Thou hast Come as the Leader of the Way,
Let Thine Blessed Radiance impregnate this Red Clay.

I look forward into the Past,
I awaken the Soul of my Ancestor Qayin,
I bring to light the Hidden Wisdom of Midnight's Gods,
O' Gates of mine own Self be open!

O' Light of the Soul,
O' Brilliance of the Spirit,
Forever Shimmering is the Light of the Peacock Angel,
Descending from the Heavens to Earth to Embrace
the Flesh of the Existent.

Wisdom and Truth of the Light I seek,
Ever to be found in the Gnosis of I,
Self-Knowledge of Mine Ever-Changing Ways,
Forever swirling about the Point,
As an Un-Earthed Treasure ever abiding in the Dark.

Sacred Fire of the Most High shine from Within,
Illuminate the Mind of the Wise with the Vision of the Eternal,
O' Secret Light cast by Witches Fire,
O' Secret Light cast by Sorcerer's Pyre,
Burn bright, grow high, forever alight in the Mind's Eye.

Patrick Larabee on Etsy

I am first and foremost a practitioner of the Traditional Witchcraft Mysteries as a Walker of the Lonley Road. My work is concerned with Arte of Magick and Sorcery. Secondly, I am an artist and writer who seeks to bring to light the Mysteries of the Darkness through Image and Word, Rite and Praxis.


Patricks Artists page on Facebook

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Claude Boutet...Colour spectrum ...1708


Artists were fascinated by Newton’s clear demonstration that light alone was responsible for colour. His most useful idea for artists was his conceptual arrangement of colours around the circumference of a circle, which allowed the painters’ primaries (red, yellow, blue) to be arranged opposite their complementary colors (e.g. red opposite green), as a way of denoting that each complementary would enhance the other’s effect through optical contrast. 
This circular diagram became the model for many color systems of the 18th and 19th centuries. Claude Boutet’s painter’s circle of 1708 was probably the first to be based on Newton’s circle. 
Unable to represent spectral red with any pigment, Boutet substituted two reds – fire-red and crimson – omitting one of Newton’s two blues. To compound the confusion, the colorist evidently misread two of the labels, “orange” and “violet.”

~ from  John Gage ~ Colour and Meaning - Art, Science and Symbolism

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sherana Harriette Frances... drawings part 2 ... 1976

The LSD drawings of Sherana Harriette Frances

a  scan from a favourite book of mine

Drawing it out ~ Befriending the Unconscious ~

the book originated as a wordless visual dialogue between her conscious and unconscious mind, catalyzed by her experience with LSD at the international Institute for Advanced Study.


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"The Mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heaven of hell,
a hell of heaven."
- Milton: Paradise Lost (1667) Book 1 line 253

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anne Sexton (1928- 1974)... self portrait & poem...

Self Portrait Undated

'You are the answer, '
I said, and entered,
lying down on the gates of the city.
Then the chains were fastened around me
and I lost my common gender and my final aspect.
Adam was on the left of me
and Eve was on the right of me,
both thoroughly inconsistent with the world of reason.
We wove our arms together
and rode under the sun.
I was not a woman anymore,
not one thing or the other.

O daughters of Jerusalem,
the king has brought me into his chamber.
I am black and I am beautiful.
I've been opened and undressed.
I have no arms or legs.
I'm all one skin like a fish.
I'm no more a woman
than Christ was a man. 

excerpt from ~ Consorting with Angels by Anne Sexton

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delafosse, Jean-Charles(1734-1791)... allegory watercolour drawing..


Antonius Eisenhoit (around 1553-1603)... print ...Haeresis Dea... 1589






I thought it was time to blog this image as i still get lots of enquiries on it since i first posted it back when i started blogging on myspace about 2007, and HERE she is in her detailed glory, enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Odilon Redon...print 1889


The Sphinx: My gaze, which nothing can deflect, remains fixed across all things on an unreachable horizon. The Chimera: I am full of lightness and joy!

A Gustave Flaubert

Andrea Andreani ca. 1560-1623... chiaroscuro woodcut ...


woman in meditation c1591

Dolorosa... new drawing ... Untitled 2012

12'x12' pencil on black paper ~ Untitled

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jean Giraud ... Moebius RIP ...8 May 1938 - 10 March 2012


We artists can only go so far as the people can follow us. We are not alone, we are part of the system. We can take risks, but if you want to go to the peak of your consciousness, you may very well find yourself alone. Even if you know how to translate what you see, maybe only ten people will be able to understand what you tell. But, if you have faith in your vision, and retell it again and again, you will start noticing that, after a time, more people will begin to catch up with you.  ~ Jean Giraud

Friday, March 9, 2012

Paul Rumsey... drawings... Satyr Family... 2002

I am delighted to share with you, some work generously sent by a favourite artist and super thrilled to know he is a fan of the blog!!


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more wonders here > The Paul Rumsey Homepage

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dolorosa ...prints for Sale...

I have had a few enquiries about my own art works for sale, so i have made available 1 of each of the following prints that where made as part of a small limited edition for an exhibitions at last years Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle.

All printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper



1. A5 with one inch border  SOLD


2. A4 with one inch border SOLD


3. A4 with one inch border  SOLD


4. A4 with one inch border  SOLD


5. A4 with one inch border  SOLD

A5= 35 euros plus p&p   A4= 55 euros plus p&p
 paypal accepted

all enquiries to >

Monday, March 5, 2012

Justin Lee Brown ... drawings & poem


"Maximum Velocity Realization"

A History of Abuse

Devotion punishes
the submissive tenderness of love
rattles the bars of the riot cell
the event horizon explodes
ecstasy seizes my ersatz heart
accelerates paroxysms of cobalt quivers

I strain
against taught strung bow
of limited compassion
I sink into delicious madness
plunge terrified
into the reverie of myogenic dream
my serial killer love springs its genetic latch
everything is offered
nothing will be forgiven
everything must die

my crisis of dimension survives
the vicissitudes of my shape shifting
into fire I throw you, true believer
twisting flesh, contortions of long shadows
whispering, the ancestry of restrained milieu 
familial bonds break tender bones
cruel thoughts race mercilessly
they cut across the frozen tundra
tearing away layer after layer of lies
exposing the new pink flesh of the righteous kill

I am parched by absences and acquisitions
my teeth are in my stomach instead of in my mouth
hope, consigned to oblivion
albeit practiced after every loss or forbidding
unlike like muscle memory
which never lies and never forgets

I forget things when I am skinned raw and bare naked
In moments of an utter disconnection from love  
still, my fear of you holds me close like exile
like a sickness in waiting
longing for fire while being burned by it
consumed by even the most objective elements of self
the crush of the malevolent familiar
spits me from the bloodbath of your mouth

curious confusions rebound, recoil
my darkness wrapped around me like my father’s lust
I recognized the tone of your intentions
filling my rusted water can with blood
what better way to control me
than to drown me with your hybrid vigor
survival, an odd balance of nature and nurture
that which doesn’t kill me makes me crawl.

Justin Lee Brown aka/Desiderata © Copyright all rights reserved 2011


Detail from "The Arrogance of Observation"

Ex Libris... Jean Morisot... Erotica...




JEAN MORISOT  ex libris available to buy here > Ex Libris Artshop

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dolorosa... new drawing... La Inquieta 2012


a H.I.M. is still ah HER.
a hymn Her.
a song unto HER
a chant unto HER
a lotus flowHER at HER
sacRED lotus feet
is ALL Eye e'er was
and WILL
BE unto She who be

Alfred Kubin...illustration...1926


"When I ventured back into the world of the living, I discovered that my god only held half-sway. In everything, both great and small, he had to share with an adversary who wanted life. The forces of repulsion and attraction, the twin poles of the earth with their currents, the alternation of the seasons, day and night, black and white - these are battles."

from The Other Side by Alfred Kubin