Thursday, December 30, 2010

Austin Osman Spare ... Satyr... Happy Birthday!

Austin Osman Spare ~ 30 Dec 1886 –15 May 1956

O Give Thanks Unto!


O Give Thanks Unto scanned from a set of postcards from recent "Fallen Visionary" exhibition 2010

The Psychology of Believing.

If the "supreme belief" remains unknown, believing is fruitless. If "the truth" has not yet been ascertained, the study of knowledge is unproductive. Even if "they" were known their study is useless. We are not the object by the perception, but by becoming it. Closing the gateways of sense is no help. Verily I will make common-sense the foundation of my teaching. Otherwise, how can I convey my meaning to the deaf, vision to the blind, and my emotion to the dead? In a labyrinth of metaphor and words, intuition is lost, therefore without their effort must be learned the truth about one's self from him who alone knows the truth . . . . yourself. 

from The Book of Pleasure (self-love) ~
The Psychology of Ecstasy


  1. ……. Yoss! Magus Spare is one of my absolute Top Ten role models! Hi, Dolorosa. Anyone interested in his work should visit his publisher's site ~ (•8-D