Sunday, May 15, 2011

Austin Osman Spare ... The Formula of Atavistic Resurgence...

~ Austin Osman Spare ~
30 December 1886 – 15 May 1956


The Formula of Atavistic Resurgence
Zos-Kia Cultus
 Austin Osman Spare created this Stele embodying the secret glyphs and sigils of the Cultus.

"There is a Grimoire of symbology, of vague phonic nuances that conjoins all thoughts and is the cryptic language of the subconscious world." AOS

"I teach the equal reality of all things, man and his illusions: Dreams shall flesh ...some day." AOS

Whatever the value of Spare’s contribution to art and psychology, his contribution to experimental occultism is supreme, for he discovered a method of reifying the dream world under the controlling aegis of the fully conscious will.