Saturday, August 13, 2011

Angela Edwards... painting..

images taken from a large 10m canvas piece

The journeys of abstracted forms evoked after ritual in the dreamlandscapes offer also a form of spirit to man or woman TRUE initiation through image channeling of the Qliphoth relearns in being a gift from the initiator the spirits to humbled man or woman allowing us the knowledge to enlightened full being .
In this we are shown a place of nightmares that we are initiated not to fear,in that fearlessness is a main key to all true practice, we are taught to embrace darkness aswell as light and all have validity in our journey through spiritual communication, full enlightenment transgression to our full higher self embracing all our POTENTIAL.
So in this one of the main aspects of initiation becomes none human and becomes the relation of the mappings of Qlipoth spiritual universe through the subconscious uncontrolled aspects of images evocated through dreams. Angela Edwards


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  1. The "HERE" link is actually not there. Great share, tho.

  2. thank you for letting me know, fixed now ;) Enjoy! x