Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dolorosa.. new series of works...Self portraits as Masks..2012

from a series of  9 self portraits, Pastel and Pencil on paper 2012


Self portrait as a mask ~ Pastel and pencil 2012 no 3


Self portrait as a mask ~ Pastel and pencil 2012 no 4


Self portrait as a mask ~ Pastel and pencil 2012 no 5


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  2. Awesome work, would love to see more of these. I found a poem for you:

    When she walks on the glass pavement thou seest a sun on a celestial sphere in the bosom of Idris.
    When she kills with her glances, her speech restores to life, as tho' she, in giving life thereby, were Jesus.
    The smooth surface of her legs is (like) the Tora in brightness, and I follow it and tread in its footsteps as tho' I were Moses.
    She is a bishopess, one of the daughters of Rome, unadorned: thou seest in her a radiant Goodness.
    Wild is she, none can make her his friend; she has gotten in her solitary chamber a mausoleum for remembrance.
    She has baffled everyone who is learned in our religion, every student of the Psalms of David, every Jewish doctor, and every Christian priest.
    If with a gesture she demands the Gospel, thou wouldst deem us to be priests and patriarchs and deacons.
    (Ibn 'Arabi, Tarjuman al-Ashwaq)

    xxx Paul

    1. Paul i found it on sacred texts, its truly amazing work, thank you for enlightening me, going to devour all its deliciousness now! ;D xxx

  3. Thank you so much as always Paul, i will putting up the rest soon :) and WOW that poem is truly wonderful! thank you again! :D xxx!