Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paraphilia Magazine...Tagada issue & Dolorosa new work White Raven 2012

new work in new issue of Paraphila Magazine


Dolorosa ~White Raven ~ Pencil on Paper ~ 12"x 12"


New issue of Paraphilia available on line now with contributions from >

Rob Sussman, Sean Madden, Andrew Maben, Marijke Koger-Dunham, Heather Harris, Ele-Beth Little, Toby Huss, Steve Overbury, Laurence Thompson, Christopher Nosnibor, Jim Coleman, Beth B, F.X. Tobin, Mike Hudson, Richard Blandford, Dolorosa De La Cruz, Alexander Natas, Alexander Hacke, Matthias Penzel, Tony Rauch, Michael Dent, Lisa Wormsley, Michael Cano, Patsy Faragher, Mike Watt, Lana Gentry, Craig Woods, Gregg Sutton, Richard Reynolds, Robert Earl Reed, Rick Grimes, Hank Kirton, Chris Madoch, dixē.flatlin3, Don Bolles, Christy Lou, Claudia Bellocq, Richard A. Meade, Patrick Wright, Victoria Fierek, Katiejane Garside, Tom Garretson, David Gionfriddo, Claudia Murari, Joshua Seraphim, Thomas Evans, Pablo Vision, John Wisniewski, Henry Rollins, Kris Denton, Gay Anniversary, Susan Te Kahurangi King, David Hoenigman, Matashichi Kumagae, Matt Leyshon, Ron Garmon 


  1. Fabulous White Raven. I liked the unique way the human limbs were used. Their very ephemeral, yet strong sense of occupied space contrasts nicely with the solid aspect, almost flattened by intricacy of detail, in the raven. And of course, white line on black gives an almost cut out feel. Nice!