Monday, June 5, 2017

Albert Decaris (1901-1988)...illustration for Four Plays by Christopher Marlowe, 1966

Ex Libris...Walter Steinecke (1888-1975) c1930

Alastair (Baron Hans Henning Voigt) (1887-1969) ... illustration for Red Skeletons, selected poems of Harry Crosby 1927

Temple De La Douleur - Poem by Harry Crosby

My soul has suffered breaking on the wheel,
Flogging with lead, and felt the twinging ache
Of barbéd hooks and jagged points of steel,
Peine forte et dure, slow burning at the stake,
Blinding and branding, stripping on the rack,
The canque and kourbash and the torquéd screw,
The boot and branks, red scourging on the back,
The gallows and the gibbet. All for you.

These tortures are as nothing to the pain
That I have suffered when you gaze at me
With cold disdainful eyes. You do not deign
To smile or talk or even set me free-
Yet once you let me hold your perfumed hand
And danced with me a stately saraband.

Ex Libris... Karl Ritter (1888 - 1987) c 1930

Leonor Fini (1908-1996) ... illustration for The Temptation Of Saint Anthony by Gustave Flaubert, lithograph 1966

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Karl Michel (1885-1966) ...The Astrological Moon, woodcut, date unknown


Monday, March 20, 2017

Born today... Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso), March 20, 43 BC

All things are always changing,
But nothing dies. The Spirit comes and goes,
Is housed wherever it wills, shifts residence
From beasts to men, form men to beasts, but always
it keeps on living. As the pliant wax
Is stamped with new designs, and is no longer
What once it was, but changes form, and still
Is pliant wax, so do I teach that spirit
Is evermore the same, though passing always
To ever-changing bodies.

-Metamorphoses Book XV 165-8

image: God Pan, woodcut from Metamorphoses 1498

Francesco del Cossa... Allegory of March: Triumph of Minerva, fresco 1476-84