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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday, December 2, 2013

Woodcut... The Crucifixion...1830

 photo img094a_zps56d09ce0.jpg

Rennes, France c1830

Spina, clavi, lancea,
Mite corpus perforarunt:
Unda manat et cruor:
Terra, pontus, astra, mundus,
Quo lavantur flumine!

Thorns, nails, and spear pierce that gentle
Body: water flows forth, and blood: in which
stream are cleansed the earth, the ocean, the
stars, and the world!

from the hymn Crux fidelis

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Edward Topsell ...The History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents ... woodcuts 1658

Published in 1658, The History of Four-Footed Beasts and Serpents depicts both real and fantastical creatures in detailed woodcuts. A wide swath of the animal kingdom is represented, including mammals, reptiles,amphibians, insects, and marine life, as well as an array of mythical beasts. 

 photo 0_zps08fcf360.jpg

 photo badger_zps80bd6368.jpg

 photo monster_zpse60632d2.jpg

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Stultifera navis (Ship of Fools) ... Sebastian Brant... woodcuts by Albrecht Dürer... 1498

Woodcuts attributed to  Albrecht Durer. Illustrations from the book
Stulifera navis (Ship of fools) by Sebastian Brant, published by
Johann Bergmann in Basel in 1498

 photo FivefoolishVirginsSebastianBrantTheshipoffools1494_zps2f4c369a.jpg

Five Foolish Virgins

 photo JehanDrouynLanefdesfollesTheShipofSight1500_zps914dc14f.jpg
The Ship of Sight

 photo FoolsFarNearandForeverad_zps0ae2dcb2.jpg

Fools far, near and Forever

 photo HeWhoJudgesOthersad_zps75ae23db.jpg

He Who Judges Others

 photo OfGodsPlaguesandPunishmentsad_zpse4c46d97.jpg

Of Gods Plagues and Punishments

 photo JehanDrouynlanefdesfollestheshipoftouch1500_zps3525fc61.jpg
The Ship of Touch

 photo OfDancingad_zps2d2f97d6.jpg

Of Dancing

 photo OfLuckad_zpse74b37c0.jpg

Of Luck

 photo scornedjoyad_zps3862cbcf.jpg

Of Scorned Joy

 photo ofwooing_zps0770696f.jpg

Of Wooing

Monday, March 11, 2013

Marcus Behmer (1879-1955) ... Ver Sacrum... illustrations

 photo MarcusBehmerVerSacrum1903FaustundWagner_zps89311b9c.jpg

Faust and Wagner 1903

 photo mb-1_zpsf6ff73f2.jpg

Angel of Death

 photo mb2_zpsb95375d0.jpg

Death on a tree

illustrations for Ver Sacrum ("Sacred Spring" in Latin)  the official magazine of the Vienna Secession. Published from 1898 to 1903

more from Flickr Set

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jan Konůpek (1883-1950)... woodcut and etching... 1925

 photo jk_zpse462f499.jpg

Woodcut ~ Creation of a man ~ 1925

 photo jk1_zps95c8ba9c.jpg

from  cycle of 10 etchings Monastery 1925 ~ Mysteries of the night