Friday, September 24, 2010

The graphics works of Arthur Boyd (4 Jul 1920–24 Apr 1999) part 2

Arthur Boyd was one of Australia’s most widely respected and prolific artists. He was born in 1920 in Melbourne, Victoria and was part of a dynamic generation of artists and thinkers, which included Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, and Joy Hester. Boyd was brought up in a lively family of practicing artists, with whom he studied and developed his painting and printmaking.
My favourite of his pieces are collaborations with one of my favourite poets fellow Australian Peter Porter, whom he collaborated with on 4 books during 70s and 80s.
Jonah 1973, The Lady and the Unicorn 1975, Mars 1988 and 
Narcissus 1984 ( images shown below)




Narcissus, Seckers & Warburg London 1984

"But what Arthur & I was trying to do in Narcissus was sort of turn upside & like the rest of us when you look in the water we are turned upside down. that we wanted to produce, of really really how the Natural world doesn't . . . we don't see ourselves in the Natural world. The Natural world, in fact, enters us and becomes ,well, becomes really a kind of life, it has a pilgrimage through us. "
Peter Porter

A wonderful collection of drawings and prints

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